Architecture As A Service

Available as a Software As A Service platform, ArenaCore provides a shared environment supporting design, selection, implementation and management of infrastructure architectures at scale – Architecture As A Service.

Each ArenaCore participant (Team and/or Individual) is able to describe and contribute their service role capabilities within and across the entire ArenaCore Orchestration Value Fabric – therefore making the ArenaCore platform a truly service driven approach to infrastructure architecture management.

As a web-accessible environment ArenaCore makes it possible for your staff to have access to accurate architecture design and configuration information from wherever they are, whenever they need to.

The impact of this under pressure can be significant.

Not having accurate and accessible configuration information available carries risks than can manifest either in technical mistakes made during event resolution, or in additional time taken to achieve event resolution.

Having ArenaCore in place can provide a foundation from which to maximise the likelihood of faster and more successful service management outcomes.

ArenaCore Service Agility Advantages

  • Provide accurate config info to critical staff wherever they are, whenever they need it

    Don’t make critical staff wait or guess about important items

  • Change Management / Service Assurance configuration data quality feedback loop

    A natural consequence of having ArenaCore based configuration information available at the point of service is that changes can be entered directly back into ArenaCore, thereby maintaining configuration information quality and improving future service outcomes.

Key Function Relevance

Access to Accurate Infrastructure Information

Field engineering staff need access to core configuration information – ArenaCore can provide this through the same Infrastructure Management view as is used for design activities. Allowing staff with different roles to access and use common configuration information source is a key strength of ArenaCore. Click here for information regarding the ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager.

Infrastructure configuration data security

Infrastructure environment configuration information is a very sensitive corporate resource. Security is an absolute priority therefore for ArenaCore. Click here for information regarding ArenaCore’s Security Policy and Architecture.