ArenaCore for Enterprise ICT Operators

ArenaCore is a new generation infrastructure management system supporting multi-vendor Design, Procurement and Delivery operations processes across the ICT business value chain.

ArenaCore accomplishes this via easy to use, visually oriented tools that support modelling of the complete internal composition of equipment items, their location, who is changing them, when previous changes were made and by who.

These tools are intended to be used during the solution design stage in conjunction with your supplier partners, and subsequently during the implementation stage to manage and track ongoing changes.

ArenaCore supports these activities via secured interactive sessions, meaning that the nature and amount of sensitive standalone configuration information documents leaving your organisation can be lowered considerably.

Enterprise ICT Management Advantages

  • Single infrastructure configuration reference source for architects, operations teams and suppliers

    ArenaCore removes the need for standalone & hard to control diagrams, spreadsheets and other documents used during design activities

  • Improved operator participation via intuitive, visual tools

    ArenaCore supports management of complex infrastructure environments via simple drag and drop user interface capabilities

  • Protected external management of sensitive infrastructure configuration information

    ArenaCore lets you control where your infrastructure configuration information is situated, then provides secure access and interaction capability across your internal workforce and external supply chain

  • Availability of pre-built complex Product Catalog equipment item definitions

    ArenaCore comes with built-in knowledge of complex equipment product item definitions

  • Support for Customer-defined, complex standard equipment definitions

    ArenaCore enables you to develop and evolve your own complex standard equipment structures

  • Improved management platform architectural integration outcomes

    ArenaCore provides a TM Forum standards based SOA architecture for integration of Monitoring and Help desk management systems platforms.

ArenaCore User Interface Elements

The following screen shots provide some indication of the ArenaCore user interface environment: