ArenaCore for Equipment Manufacturers

Complex software based product configuration tools are a capability expected by modern ICT customers.

For many Equipment Manufacturers, development of these tools is not a core strength, yet Customers depend on them to build solution scenarios based on your product range and associated pricing structures, and possibly also to commit detailed purchase orders.

Development of these tools is challenging and does not contribute directly to the improvement of core hardware products in any way.

In addition, product configuration tools can be frustrating for customers to either access or install, and require constant ongoing bug-fixes and feature set updates.

ArenaCore can offload this activity, and enable you to provide solution configuration technology to your customers as a walled environment allowing access only to your specific Product Catalogs.

ArenaCore has created a set of visual tools to support definition of complex equipment items and to allow the structuring of these into your Product Lines, Product Categories and Product Catalogs with Pricing support.

It’s a key part of our world to keep evolving these modules, potentially saving you the distraction and expense.

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