ArenaCore for Service Providers / Data Centre Operators

As a Service Provider or Data Centre Operator your business revolves around providing and exceeding committed levels of service delivery to your customers.

If you think about it, one of the inhibitors you may have experienced is with respect to the gap that exists between your customer’s internal operations management system environments and your own.

You may have a number of high quality performance dashboard, service activation or network management portal environments that your customers can access and possibly operate. Naturally, these areas of service delivery are well suited to this style of delivery.

What if you could assist them however to plan new technology environment implementations, upgrades or refreshes – all within the context of your customer’s own view of their environment configuration?

If it was possible for the customer to allow you to have visibility and access into an existing sub-domain within their configuration management environment for the purpose of upgrading, replacing or operating (existing) infrastructure, it stands to reason that this would allow you to provide a much more accurately targeted service.

Potential scenarios may include:

  • customers who have equipment co-located within your data centre, of which you currently have no visibility regarding type, capacity or configuration. Enhanced visibility provided through ArenaCore could enable you to assist your customer with services ranging from field engineering to providing targeted advice for shifting to a more cost efficient, virtualised environment.
  • customers who have equipment located at one or more sites of their own, but who are looking to either consolidate or access higher levels of data centre performance.

It stands to reason that if your organisation could have visibility into the appropriate sub-domains of your customer’s internal management environments, that the result must be positive in terms of the relevance and accuracy of your service delivery outcomes.

Shared Resource Allocation

ArenaCore is designed to allow subdivisions of your resources to be allocated to specific customers, such that if these resources are located within a Rack or Chassis the customer only has visibility of the particular resources allocated to them.

ArenaCore can support multi-party interactions such as these where all relevant participants are using ArenaCore.

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Engagement Structure

Introducing your customers to ArenaCore would firstly enable the general benefits of ArenaCore for them, and from there substantially improve your ability to service them more effectively.

ArenaCore represents an opportunity therefore as both a product and also toolset for forward looking Service Provider and Data Centre Operator organisations.

ArenaCore is an engineering focussed organisation and is committed to the development of a strong channel partner network through which to introduce ArenaCore to the marketplace.

We have observed how the ICT industry operates for some time and believe that we have some simple but practical engagement policies that create clarity, comfort and benefit for all parties.

This is in turn supported by a customer care environment for ArenaCore that is in itself structured to support appropriately constrained visibility of all information relating to your customers.

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