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Service Arena / Product Automation (SA/PA)

For some time now I’ve been talking to people in the Enterprise ICT world about the benefits of Business/Operations Support Systems (B/OSS). Very often B/OSS is a new term, and so I find myself explaining the history and advantages it can bring. Conversation can then branch off into subjects including Service Orchestration, Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, SDN, […]

‘Mastering Your OSS’ – Book Signing

Ryan Jeffery has recently released his fantastic new book ‘Mastering Your OSS’, and as luck would have it I managed to secure retail copy number 1! Ryan holds a regular monthly breakfast meeting for professionals working in the Operations Support System (OSS) space, and so I took my copy along to be autographed by the man […]

Claytonesque Commitment

I guess at some point in our lives we’ve all had a distant wish we could lead the bohemian life of a stage performer (except perhaps without all the hungry bits!), so I was all ears when a friend stopped past for coffee recently and told me one of the more out-there stories I’ve heard in this area. Clayton […]

ITIL as a Product

The concept of how the Infrastructure Technology Information Library (ITIL) can be used as a set of named service products was a thought that crossed my mind in the middle of a business process re-engineering exercise I was involved in some time ago – I thought I’d attempt to explore the concept a bit further […]

Converged Infrastructure Management & BSS/OSS

You may possibly have been watching the emergence of Converged Infrastructure (CI) offerings from the major equipment vendors. In this entry I’ll attempt to examine the relevance of these products and their management layers to the OSS/BSS domain. This may be a near impossible job for a single blog entry, but here goes! Significant product offerings in the CI […]

Lean Operations

Lately I’ve been reading the book ‘Lean Startup’ by author Eric Ries, and wondering how it relates to operations management. One subject that caught my attention in particular was his description regarding how managers wanting to act as ‘change agents’ within an enterprise context can put ‘Lean’ principles to work. Eric describes some viewpoints supporting […]