ArenaCore Product Catalog Management

Complex Configuration Management systems such as ArenaCore must support simulation of the real world configuration items they allow management of, both in terms of their internal structure and also the ways in which they can interact with other configuration item types. The ArenaCore Product Specification and Product Catalog capability is where this initial definition process occurs, and is what supports system based understanding of allowable interdependencies & interconnections between the multitude of different manufacturer’s equipment item types.

Successful Service Delivery processes begin with Product Catalog quality.

ArenaCore firstly supports building of core ‘base equipment’ specification definitions, and then utilisation of these in turn to structure together more complex representations of standard & bundled items for eventual consumption by ArenaCore users.

ArenaCore Product Catalog Management Advantages

  • Supports repeatable delivery of complex configured items

    ArenaCore Standard Composite Product Specification support enables delivery of complex equipment solutions in a managed, repeatable manner. ArenaCore Location support can help you to subsequently track where these configurations have been situated, for example in your Branch network.

  • Product Specification Versioning enables managed product evolution

    Product Specification Versioning allows ArenaCore to manage ongoing change to Product Specifications across existing inventories of operational item representations with reliable consistency.

  • Distribution Channel control enables tight supply chain interactions

    You may want some of your Product Catalogs to be globally available, and some to available only to specific groups of Customers. ArenaCore allows you to specifically control who has visibility of your Catalogs.

  • Slot & Port Backward Compatibility support, unified across manufacturers

    Device Slot and Physical Port compatibility can be complex. ArenaCore supports backward compatibility specification for equipment sub-generations that may not automatically extend to the earliest versions of a Slot or Port type.

  • Style based control of visual presentation

    Similar as for a word processing document, ArenaCore Display Style definitions enable single point of control for visual appearance of the same type of equipment items, either in Primary (realistic) or Plan (geometric) views.

  • TMForum Frameworx SID model maturity and Domain interoperation

    The ArenaCore Product Catalog information model has numerous inter-relationships with other domains in the Shared Information and Data (SID) model. By adopting the SID model ArenaCore automatically inherits the maturity of this industry standard and enables ArenaCore Customers to align themselves with the growing architectural reference standard for systems management.

Base Product Specification Definitions

Initial Base Product Specification definitions are developed from Manufacturer specifications to mimic the internal layout and presence of Slots, Ports, Bays, Riser Cards etc.

Base Products may need to support these sub-item types on the Front, Rear or Plan (interior) view aspects. ArenaCore co-ordinates sub-items that have visual appearances on more than one view aspect.

‘Adjacent Slot’ capability allows for placement capability of child equipment items that span more than one Slot holder.

ArenaCore Base Product Specification definition tools are based on visual, easy to understand user interfaces.

Some relevant aspects of the Base Product Specification interface are shown here: