Legacy Environments

Legacy Environments

The word ‘Legacy’ can mean different things to different people. Modern operations management systems should provide consistent integrated handling across new, current or legacy generation environments – they all have value to their business owners, who need to understand and manage lifecycle and functional inter-dependencies coherently across all of them.

Challenges associated with management of older infrastructure may include access to spares, expert staff, or even simply maintaining accurate and accessible records of the current in-place configuration.

ArenaCore is equally as interested to work in the context of Legacy system environments as current/new generation systems.

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Forward View

ArenaCore Forward View

Emerging technologies are numerous and challenging to predict in terms of which ones will gain pre-eminence. Possibly, that’s half the fun of working in ICT.

One constant is that more efficient utilisation and flexible recombination of ICT resources will always be expected by business owners. Domains such as virtualisation, Software Defined Networking, next generation security and initiatives like the Open Compute project are constantly evolving and overlaying into each other as major vendors, online service providers and open source communities work hard to drive these technologies forward.

Clearly this is an issue for the operations management system domain, which must somehow support integrated utilisation of such products from multiple vendors, and also anticipate ongoing evolution in new technologies.

ArenaCore has spent considerable time developing an architecture that allows modelling of networked, multi-layer & multi-domain logical resource item types that may be defined and customised dynamically by ArenaCore users.

The intention of this capability is to provide customisable support for resource item types such as storage, operating system, networking, security, directory, policy and application services, and also new-generation service types such as SDN/NFV.

The resulting information model has already been ‘baked into’ the current ArenaCore architecture, meaning we have a relatively open road ahead of us for future support of these resource item types. The Telemanagement Forum Frameworx architecture has provided a mature foundation context for this work.

Currently we are concentrating on establishing our existing product in the ICT marketplace, and will continue working in the background on plans & prototypes for the new elements required.

ArenaCore is most certainly a product that has been architected to support new-generation service types including virtualisation and SDN/NVF.

We can’t wait in particular to make public some of the user interface concepts we’ve been working on!

Green Technology

ArenaCore Green Technology Management Innovation

Green Technology is becoming a key issue of relevance to the Enterprise ICT domain.

Ranging from power efficiency to the manufacturing/recycling lifecycle, Enterprise ICT organisations are beginning to see opportunities that can lead to real cost savings and other external incentives and benefits.

  • As a manager of end to end equipment lifecycle transitions, ArenaCore can potentially play a role with regard to facilitating automated handling of specific equipment items that have reached End of Service/Retired/Removed lifecycle states, and how they are processed towards a trusted network of ICT recyclers.
  • In the role of complex solution configurator, ArenaCore can potentially model power consumption values over expected minimum / maximum utilisation scenarios, helping you to understand power loading requirements.

If you are interested to explore these or other ways in which ArenaCore can help to achieve energy or environment efficient outcomes, please contact us.