ArenaCore Change Management

Change Management is a multi-layered discipline spanning multiple domains including engineering design, supply chain management, field engineering workforce management, CMDB/Inventory system management and stakeholder management.

ArenaCore aids these activities by supporting automated handling of complex equipment environment information structures across the relevant sub-phases of process execution.

Unless a detailed, hierarchically structured representation of your intended design can be developed, evolved and referenced from a single source, the door is open for confusion to creep in at any point in the downstream process flow.

The ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager allows you to build complex configured designs with both drag / drop visual convenience and also complex internal structure, enabling downstream process execution.

ArenaCore supports key operations support system design patterns in order to drive stronger Change Management outcomes, including a workflow driven core that directs information flow between relevant subsystem interfaces.

We expect however that you may already have your own Change Management environment, possibly spanning one or more Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Help Desk or Asset Management system environments.

The role that ArenaCore addresses within the Change Management domain is to support the engineering complexity, integrated lifecycle management and change versioning capabilities that many workflow, CMDB or Asset Management environments do not support.

ArenaCore ‘backfills’ these systems, complimenting and extending their usefulness by synchronising complex configuration structures into them over industry standard interfaces.

ArenaCore Change Management Advantages

  • Preserves investment into existing Monitoring, CMDB and Help Desk platforms

    ArenaCore helps to unlock value in existing Monitoring, CMDB and Help Desk platforms by improving synchronisation of complex infrastructure information into them on a timely basis.

  • Keep Change configuration information within your security perimeter

    ArenaCore provides visual tools for composing and modifying complex infrastructure environment changes, removing the need for standalone diagrams and other documents required to enable suppliers to understand and work with your configuration structure.

  • ArenaCore is focussed towards a well defined role - and purposefully avoids other areas of capability

    There are numerous types of Monitoring, Help Desk/Trouble Ticketing and Device Configuration systems – it is not uncommon for ICT environments to have more than one of each, all with unique capabilities. ArenaCore is concerned with providing a unified management view across any number of these systems – and leaves them to handle the specifics of their relevant sub-domains.

  • Integrates Change Approval with Supply Chain processes

    ArenaCore is able to automatically produce Bill of Material / Order information directly in conjunction with Change Approval actions as they are completed. Where Customer Purchase Order numbers are generated by or applied into ArenaCore, ArenaCore can subsequently track arrival and implementation status for all expected items.

  • Intrinsic Lifecycle Management

    ArenaCore automatically manages Lifecycle status sequencing directly in conjunction with Design, Change Approval and Retirement actions as they are completed within the ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager.

  • Multi-vendor management capability

    ArenaCore supports multi-vendor Product specification and management in a consistent manner across all aspects of ArenaCore operation, for example allowing Solution Resellers to mix and match products from multiple manufacturers into customised Product Specifications of their own.

  • ArenaCore does not replace your Asset Management system

    Modern Asset Management systems support tagging technologies and tracking capabilities that are not within the scope of ArenaCore. Conversely, ArenaCore supports structural complexity and supply chain capabilities not usually seen within the domain of Asset Management environments.

Key Function Relevance

ArenaCore Infrastructure Management

ArenaCore supports fully versioned change management capability for past, current and future infrastructure version states, providing a single point of reference for both operational management and change audit compliance. ArenaCore can concurrently present past, current and future design infrastructure version states visually, including all associated attribute states going back to conception for all affected equipment sub-component items.

Click here for further information regarding ArenaCore Infrastructure Management.

ArenaCore Lifecycle Management

By supporting a single system of record across Change Management activities, ArenaCore allows you to define intended changes initially at the design stage, and from there to track the subsequent changes that occur to your baseline designs throughout implementation and operational cycles. ArenaCore will continue to track equipment item lifecycle state changes through any subsequent Change events, all the way to retirement.

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ArenaCore Supply Chain Interactions

ArenaCore allows you to make your environment visible to supplier-partner organisations – thereby improving the potential for correct requirements interpretation and elimination of unexpected results as a result of poor visibility at the design stage.

While it may be impossible to do away entirely with spreadsheets, static diagrams and emails during the design stage, ArenaCore management capabilities can enable operators of complex infrastructure to drive more co-operative & direct interaction with trusted suppliers.

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