Green Technology

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Green Technology Management Innovation

ArenaCore Green Technology Management Innovation

Green Technology is becoming a key issue of relevance to the Enterprise ICT domain.

Ranging from power efficiency to the manufacturing/recycling lifecycle, Enterprise ICT organisations are beginning to see opportunities that can lead to real cost savings and other external incentives and benefits.

  • As a manager of end to end equipment lifecycle transitions, ArenaCore can potentially play a role with regard to facilitating automated handling of specific equipment items that have reached End of Service/Retired/Removed lifecycle states, and how they are processed towards a trusted network of ICT recyclers.
  • In the role of complex solution configurator, ArenaCore can potentially model power consumption values over expected minimum / maximum utilisation scenarios, helping you to understand power loading requirements.

If you are interested to explore these or other ways in which ArenaCore can help to achieve energy or environment efficient outcomes, please contact us.