ArenaCore Lifecycle Management

Management of equipment lifecycle state is a key goal of most modern management system environments.

As a system that manages engineering configuration modifications associated with solution design / change planning activity, it makes sense that ArenaCore accurately captures lifecycle state changes as they occur dynamically.

In environments where lifecycle state tracking has become compromised, it is still common unfortunately for quantities of valuable asset items to remain unused in some cases for years – items that could easily have been re-purposed but which have since become outdated. Confusion can occur as a result of business process execution issues, management system shortcomings and other factors that are not traceable to a failure of execution by any single individual.

This issue can become so ingrained in the way we work however that it is never formally identified as being a problem, and is accepted instead as a by-product of normal operation.

ArenaCore takes responsibility for this situation by acting as a management system integration & orchestration hub to ensure that equipment configuration state is communicated consistently across other management system platforms that ArenaCore integrates with.

ArenaCore can receive Alarm event indications from downstream monitoring platforms, and in turn use these to maintain a summarised view of these indications against the relevant configuration items. This makes it possible to identify items for which alarming has ceased completely, and for how long.

Structured lifecycle control from conception to retirement over all configuration items managed by ArenaCore is the core enabling feature that makes this possible.

ArenaCore Lifecycle tracking can greatly your improve your lifecycle state traceability and therefore your ability to extract maximum value from high value equipment items, in addition to fulfillment of basic governance requirements.

Operations Business Value Chain

Lifecycle state management affects many high level activities within ArenaCore, beginning with Product Specification development:

As Configuration Items are added to your infrastructure environment model within ArenaCore, ArenaCore lifecycle state processing will subsequently allow management of the progression of the item through ordering, to implementation/provisioning and finally activation.

Structured lifecycle state management allows implementation projects to proceed with improved levels of visibility and understanding across multiple teams, sites and suppliers.

If an Order has been placed with one or more Suppliers within ArenaCore, the lifecycle state of each respective order generated will be managed in conjunction with the individual states of items contained within those orders, helping to automate a simplified view across the purchase order layer.

This effect can be seen as a parallel series of linked status flows:

It is worth noting that the above lifecycle state definitions are prescribed by the TeleManagement Forum Multi Technology Operation Systems Interface (MTOSI), and are already in large scale/widespread use globally.

Use of the TMForum MTOSI standard for both Lifecycle state management and operations management system integration allows ArenaCore to provide significant improvements with regard to both item state control within the core ArenaCore Shared Information and Data (SID) configuration database, and subsequently for control of message sequencing over management system interfaces.

ArenaCore Lifecycle Management Advantages

  • Identify valuable unused asset items

    ArenaCore can maintain a summarised view of Alarm event indications against items for which alarming has ceased completely

  • Consistent state handling across ordering and implementation activities

    ArenaCore can support improved levels of visibility and understanding across multiple teams, sites and suppliers

  • Support for governance / traceability requirements

    ArenaCore has structured knowledge of all changes as they have occurred over time. Details for every change made within ArenaCore can be reviewed within the visual configuration context in which they occurred.

  • Consistent state handling across core repository and over management system interfaces

    ArenaCore can ensure that lifecycle state is managed consistently across all other management system platforms that ArenaCore integrates to

Key Function Relevance

Relationship to Change Management

A key benefit of ArenaCore lifecycle management is that all previously approved system infrastructure states can subsequently be recalled, enabling lifecycle tracking for all items in terms of who actioned or approved specific changes, and when.

Additionally, every sub-command action performed within the scope of every edit session that has occurred within ArenaCore can also be recalled and visually wound backwards and forwards, providing a totally clear picture of past change events.

Management of detailed equipment information attributes occurs within the same change control framework such that all previous values for any given managed attribute can be recalled and compared across past version states as required. This capability also applies to dynamically created, user defined attributes.

Click here for further information regarding ArenaCore Change Management.

Relationship to Supply Chain

ArenaCore lifecycle management ensures that any equipment environment design changes made in support of Change Management activities are isolated from the active operational view of your environment, until those changes have been approved. You may therefore elect to allow trusted, expert supplier-partner organisations to perform specific design activities within your ArenaCore instance, without affecting the current operational picture of your environment.

Once approvals have been actioned, ArenaCore can generate associated Bill of Material & Purchase Order documents for assignment to the relevant internal teams & external supplier-partner organisations. ArenaCore will also then manage transposition of the approved ArenaCore ‘Planning’ infrastructure view into becoming the active ‘Operational’ environment view, and the previous Operational view into a Historical view (etc).

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Relationship to Monitoring / Config / Helpdesk System Integration

Changes made to the representation of your infrastructure must progress through ArenaCore lifecycle approval state processing prior to becoming accepted as the current known representation of the operational state of your environment. Even if another of your management system platforms is aware of a state change prior to ArenaCore, this approach supports consistent synchronisation of change events by ArenaCore across any other management system platforms that ArenaCore subsequently provides updates to.

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