ArenaCore Location Management

ArenaCore Location management supports tracking of both geographic and ‘interior’ locations of your equipment items, allowing you to track and manage Location changes in detail.

ArenaCore tracks Location associations as an intrinsic aspect of ArenaCore Change / Lifecycle Management such that as equipment items are moved from Location to Location during day to day operational activities, these changes can be accurately tracked across the lifetime of all items.

ArenaCore Location assignment allows the physical location of valuable equipment items to be tracked and managed across their lifetime with greater reliability than traditional asset management environments.

Geolocation Support

ArenaCore support for geographic location management allows assignment of equipment items to specific street addresses. Mapping integration further provides accompanying latitude/longitude data for validated street addresses.

The following screenshot depicts geolocation search and assignment within ArenaCore:

Interior Location Support

ArenaCore supports management of hierarchical Structure, Floor, Room, Suite & Rack  ‘interior’ locations, allowing detailed resolution of the exact physical location of specific devices within buildings or other structures.

The following screenshot depicts an example of Interior Location definition within ArenaCore: