‘Mastering Your OSS’ – Book Signing

Ryan Jeffery has recently released his fantastic new book ‘Mastering Your OSS’, and as luck would have it I managed to secure retail copy number 1!

Ryan holds a regular monthly breakfast meeting for professionals working in the Operations Support System (OSS) space, and so I took my copy along to be autographed by the man himself:


This book is loaded with bite-sized pearls of insight representing quite a few years of experience in the context of complex OSS implementation and integration projects.

Ryan has an enthusiastic attitude to his craft, and so the book isn’t a heavyweight ‘billing system implementation’ type read – instead it’s a positive, resourceful look at OSS related subjects that is appropriate for technical or non-technical people alike.

In terms of scope the material has relevance across the service provider, enterprise, SME and startup layers, and would be very handy reading also for anyone in the generalised ICT system architecture / project management space.

Ryan has taken a balanced look across both human and technical elements with a view to getting best-case outcomes under typical real-world problem scenarios. He manages to cover all the main bases in terms of OSS lifecycle from Planning through to Refresh – so that’s quite a bit of territory!

Some great resources are included, for example including content and discussion relevant for OSS business case generation and vendor team management.

Make sure to at least drop past Ryan’s blog site Passionate About OSS for a taste of the type of material in his book (although I find I tend to still like having real books – easier on the eyes!)

For purchasing information please refer to:  https://www.createspace.com/4774405





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