ArenaCore Security Architecture

It goes without saying that electronic infrastructure configuration information should be treated as a highest-order security priority for any modern enterprise organisation.

In the context of ArenaCore, security concerns fall across the following high level areas:

Supply Chain Configuration Data Security

Modern ICT supply chain interactions are increasingly driving the need for exchange of configuration information between customers and their trusted supplier/partners.

In particular the trend towards the use of ‘cloud’ based services presents some interesting challenges, as it becomes increasingly harder not to include suppliers in your overall planning domain. How for example can a supplier advise whether cost savings can be achieved by shifting existing in-house services to a cloud model, unless you first share details of those existing services with your supplier?

Once configuration information in the form of standalone diagram, spreadsheet or other document types has been emailed out of your organisation, you then have greatly reduced control over where those documents might eventually go.

ArenaCore addresses this problem by allowing you to open policy based access for trusted suppliers to appropriate sub-domains of your configuration information within ArenaCore. This allows only the relevant staff within those supplier organisations to access your configuration information, and if necessary to transpose it more directly into their own internal solution design tools.

No solution to the sharing of critical information across the supply chain context can ever be perfect, however reducing the proliferation of standalone configuration documents via policy controlled, secure access will reduce your exposure.

ArenaCore Configuration Information Database Deployment Models

ArenaCore is available either as a customer premises solution or as a cloud based platform.

This flexibility allows you to choose the deployment model that is appropriate for your organisation’s needs.

The connected benefits of the ArenaCore centralised supplier marketplace model are still available for customer premises deployments, however you retain control over where your configuration data physically resides (some specific management scenarios are by necessity more limited under the customer premises model).

If your organisation is comfortable working with Cloud based service delivery patterns then you may choose to situate storage of your configuration data within the centralised ArenaCore environment. This mode allows you to take full advantage of ArenaCore’s supply chain capabilities.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Regardless of deployment model, ArenaCore greatly reduces the need for manual diagrams, spreadsheets, word processing documents and emails – particularly those containing detailed, connected representation of your internal infrastructure.

Either way, the result is simply much lower numbers of sensitive configuration documents sitting in the mailboxes and document management systems of other organisations.

ArenaCore Access Security Architecture

ArenaCore allows appropriate access roles to be configured for specific trusted suppliers, regardless of the choice of customer premises or Cloud based deployment models.

We call this aspect of ArenaCore a ‘multi-party’ access model, as it represents a more finely grained division of secured information partitions when compared to the more common ‘multi-tenanted’ access model scenario.

Additionally, ArenaCore supports role based assignment of Operator functions within a Directory Enabled context, such that functional ownership and responsibility can be managed across the constantly evolving shape of your own Organisation structure.

ArenaCore Network Security Architecture

In both customer premises and Cloud deployment modes, ArenaCore incorporates integrated security components for treatment of identification, authentication and access security at relevant layers of ArenaCore technical architecture such as would be appropriate/required by large enterprise customers.

ArenaCore is happy to expand further on these measures in consultation with qualified potential customers.