ArenaCore Secure Supply Chain Interactions

Interacting with your ICT suppliers can bring you into contact with a world of proprietary solution sales configurators, solution design diagrams and Bill of Materials documents that will fulfill their purpose and be accurate, but which simply don’t integrate or have in-built structural engineering knowledge.

ArenaCore seeks to change this by empowering the ICT environment owner with a single system of record that can be used both by your staff and also suppliers to define, review and approve detailed solution proposal designs, to move these through the ordering and implementation phases, and finally to bed them down as the representation of your as-built configuration state.

The days of needing to manipulate multiple unrelated information sources manually into CMDB, monitoring, help desk or config management systems are closer to being over.

ArenaCore Secure Supply Chain Management Advantages

  • Utilise the full capabilities of the ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager during Supply Chain interactions

    The ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager provides the same powerul visual management capabilities regardless of whether you are designing a new solution or managing an existing environment

  • Keep configuration information within your security perimeter

    ArenaCore configuration management tools are accessible only via secured connections, and do not leave sensitive information behind. Move away from reliance on standalone diagram, spreadsheet or other document types that can be easily compromised.

  • Multi-vendor Solution Proposal Development

    ArenaCore enables you to design a single solution, and then automatically produce Bill Of Material / Order documents for all relevant vendors

  • Reduce technical and therefore commercial mistakes during quotation

    Utilisation of a single configuration design environment during the solution design stage gives your staff a holistic, multi-vendor view of their environment. Shared access to the same configuration data source by staff with appropriate task roles also means that more eyes are across what’s going on, at an earlier stage.

  • Continue to protect sensitive core internal management platforms from external access

    Existing monitoring, help desk and device configuration platforms remain available only to trusted internal staff. ArenaCore has a two stage integration/protection path, and does not need to integrate beyond your core management systems, or into your production networks.

  • Track solution value variations in conjunction with design changes

    Immediately as product items are added or removed from a solution design currently under development, ArenaCore dynamically adjusts the value of associated open Resource Orders to match those changes precisely.

  • Supports automated flow through to CMDB, Monitoring & Help Desk platforms.

    At the time of Purchase Approval all solution item data is already situated within the ArenaCore Shared Information and Data (SID) CMDB model, and is then used to synchronise monitoring/SNMP listener platforms and other Help Desk/OSS elements for rapid support visibility.

Key Function Relevance

Relevance to Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management is a key architectural capability via which ArenaCore is able to support rich supplier interaction activities. Click here for further information regarding ArenaCore Lifecycle Management.

Supplier separation from core operations management systems

The model of shared management system thinking presented by ArenaCore may perhaps take some getting used to. Would you really want your suppliers having access to, or utilising, any of your core operations management systems?

It is quite important to understand that in fact your monitoring, help desk and device configuration platforms would remain available only to your existing trusted staff. ArenaCore does not need to integrate beyond these systems, or into your production networks.

ArenaCore only ever functions as a design/change planning and infrastructure inventory management environment, acting therefore as a bridge between your more sensitive core internal management platforms, your internal architects, management and technical staff, and also your approved external suppliers.

Click here for further information regarding ArenaCore Monitoring / Config Management / Help Desk System Integration.

Secured Supplier Access

Security is a primary concern with respect to the ArenaCore extended management system architecture. Our goal for ArenaCore is to meet and exceed the baseline security policy & architecture requirements that would apply in the context of our most security conscious customers, and additionally to support requirements specifically appropriate for this class of integrated management environment.

Click here for further information regarding ArenaCore Security Policy and Architecture.