ArenaCore Monitoring, Helpdesk and Device Configuration System Integration

Management system integration is a well known pain-point for integration of typical ICT management system products including Monitoring, Config Management and Help Desk/Trouble Ticketing systems.

Even for management products sourced from the same vendor’s product range, integration issues can still make it challenging to realise the expected level of operational business value.

ArenaCore approaches this problem by implementing a standards based interface technology architecture capable of transporting complex operations information structures between management systems of various types. Known as MTOSI (Multi Technology Operations System Interface), this TMForum standard is already in widespread use within the management layer of many large scale telecommunications networks. ArenaCore makes this technology available in an Enterprise ICT context.

ArenaCore provides customers with a CPE (customer premises equipment) integration element called the ArenaCore OSAgent. The OSAgent supports MTOSI messaging and additionally provides an API allowing implementation of customised management system adapters. These adapters provide data transformation and protocol support relevant for each specific management system product.

This architecture allows the central ArenaCore system to communicate with multiple customer owned management system products using the single consistent MTOSI interface standard. It also allows existing management systems to continue to do what they already do very well – even with heightened accuracy. ArenaCore can stay out of their way, acting appropriately to update them with structural change notifications as required.

ArenaCore can preserve and extend your existing investment into other management system environments.

Multi Technology Operations Systems Interface

The following diagram illustrates high level components within the ArenaCore MTOSI architecture:

Key Function Relevance

Relationship to the TeleManagement Forum Frameworx Enterprise Architecture

No product, including ArenaCore, can claim to have a magic fix for all potential issues associated with management system integration. By employing a heavily used, highly evolved standard with a practical implementation approach in an Enterprise ICT context, ArenaCore does however claim that it can help you to assert control.
Click here for more information regarding the TeleManagement Forum Frameworx Architecture.

Relationship to Lifecycle Management and Change Management

In order to act as a management system integration & orchestration hub, ArenaCore must implement lifecycle control over resource assets under management.

Within ArenaCore this is called Change Versioning, and is discussed further under ArenaCore Lifecycle Management and Change Management.