TMForum Frameworx Architecture

ArenaCore has been built on the TeleManagement Forum’s ‘Frameworx’ enterprise architecture standard for Operations Support Systems (OSS).

The Frameworx standard provides highly detailed Data Model, Application Module, Business Process and Interface specifications developed by the largest telecommunications organisations globally and their well-known equipment vendors within the context of a very large number of network, compute and application implementations.

Frameworx is highly relevant also however with respect to delivery of Infrastructure Technology Information Library (ITIL) based services. Frameworx provides a highly detailed Enterprise Architecture that addresses all five ITIL Volumes, including concrete architectural and engineering artefacts that are commonly used in the design of most leading Operations Support System products globally:

  • Shared Information and Data (SID) Information Model

    The SID is a highly detailed information model containing hundreds of Class/Entity definitions and thousands of related associations & attributes organised into a multi-layered set of modelling domains.

  • eTom Business Process Model

    The eTom process model contains hundreds of detailed business process definitions organised in a multi layered structure that aligns to and supports SID model domains.

  • The Application Framework (TAM)

    TAM is a high level application module view of required application components needed to support eTom business process functions. This can be used very effectively and quickly to create a ‘gap analysis’ of present and missing management system components within any enterprise.

  • TMForum Integration Program (TIP)

    TIP brings together a number of system interface / API efforts within the TMForum into a coherent high level but technically detailed framework, including the Multi Technology Operations System Interface (MTOSI) as implemented by ArenaCore.

Detailed mapping of eTom process definitions against ITIL practices has been performed by the TMForum, and continues to be evolved by TMForum Customer members. This detailed mapping effort allows the Frameworx architecture to be used to support specifically targeted ITIL implementation goals.

Given that Frameworx provides a comprehensive architecture spanning the business, application, interface and information model layers, this mapping effort allows coherent and future-proof utilisation of both off-the shelf and custom developed components in a manner that ensures ITIL service delivery outcomes. (Not to mention leveraging the combined business analysis and technical implementation knowledge of the worlds largest operators of ICT equipment resources).

As a CIO, CTO or Architect responsible for implementation of operations management system environments, Frameworx provides a concrete architectural framework that can be used to implement the specific system elements needed to support selected service process outcomes.

From the perspective of your service delivery staff however, management system architectural integration probably isn’t what they’re job performance is measured on. It takes a lot of work to become knowledgeable about ITIL in the first place, and why would they want to learn a new vocabulary for what are essentially the same concepts?

ITIL  can remain as the working language of your service delivery staff, empowered by the Frameworx management system engineering architecture to drive fulfillment of the many associated information processing needs.

As an ICT Environment Owner, ITIL based service delivery processes may well be what you’ve already been doing for years.

As an ICT Service Provider, you may sell Change, Capacity or Incident Management services to your Customers as specifically contracted items with SLA commitments, or perhaps structured into higher level service products.

The TMForum Frameworx architecture provides ‘under the bonnet’ enterprise architecture/technical implementation patterns by which to both consume and provide ITIL based services and products.

It’s business as usual with ITIL – supercharged with TMForum Enterprise Architecture maturity.

Frameworx treats system integration concerns as a primary concern, such that products implementing these can help you to build a forward looking architectural foundation for your management system environment.

Frameworx puts you in a position to determine and specify exactly what you need from your operations management system vendors.

TMForum Frameworx can preserve your investment in existing management system products, and provide flexibility in future to incorporate new management products across multiple technology domains and from multiple vendors.

Forward View – Virtualisation, Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualisation

The TMForum is working closely with ETSI and other standards bodies to evolve NFV standards, and also with a number of industry based initiatives to drive towards ensuring that commonality emerges across development of management system standards for SDN, NFV and general virtualised services.

Many of the core team members associated with these efforts are highly skilled technical staff members assigned from large scale TMForum member companies.

Frameworx is being evolved very actively by many of the brightest minds in the network engineering domain to accommodate new paradigms such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

The Frameworx architecture has the advantage of both maturity and also rapid evolution due to substantial resourcing from the largest players in the ICT and telecommunications domains.

ArenaCore can provide a highly accessible springboard into the use of Frameworx based system elements, without the expense of dealing with Tier 1 vendors.

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