Protection and migration – an obvious relationship once you think about it

It’s great to have been involved recently in the productisation of the turnkey #HyperScalers DPX Appliance. I guess many of us have been responsible for enterprise data protection over the years, and may have stood there with a trusty DAT tape(s) in hand to restore from and be thinking “I really, really hope this is the day that this thing actually works”.

Roll forward into the era of dynamic cloud migration, and #Hyperscalers and #Catalogic have observed the increasing overlap of protection and migration activities generally within the industry and have understood that a critical relationship exists between the two. Consequently, they have partnered to develop the #DPX enterprise data protection / migration appliance.

It’s an obvious relationship once you think about it.

The relevant Hyperscalers equipment product items supporting this appliance are already available on the #ArenaCore platform, and it shouldn’t be long until the DPX specific standard configurations of these have been assembled also. This is a cloud-friendly solution, suitable both for on-premises and service providers alike.

Always looking forward to helping deliver more industry leading appliances and solutions!

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