4. Directory Management

Evan Linwood · December 27, 2019

ArenaCore is a ‘directory enabled’ platform, meaning that key objects of various types are managed in the context of ‘directory’ structures that represent the organisational structure within each ArenaCore customer organisation.

Because each ArenaCore customer has their own directory structure, perhaps ArenaCore could be called a multi-directory platform.

The backbone of each directory structure are the Organisational Unit (OU) items that describe the organisational structure within the relevant customer organisation. All other items managed at a ‘directory’ level are associated to a particular OU ‘leaf’ within the tree.

For individuals using ArenaCore, the organisational structure used may be very simple. For large organisations, it could be quite complex.

The types of items managed with the ArenaCore directory context include:

  • Organisation Units,
  • Individuals,
  • Management Domains,
  • Access Groups,
  • Fabric Groups,
  • Access Roles
  • Policy / Attribute Definitions
  • Location Definitions
  • Management Pages
  • Product Catalogs
  • Product Lines & Categories

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