5. Logical Resource Management

ArenaCore logical resource design management

Evan Linwood · November 27, 2019

The world of infrastructure resource management has expanded over recent years to include bare metal, virtualisation, containerisation and depending on your definition, micro-services, lambda functions – etc.

These sub domains are additionally divided across the spheres of network, compute and storage and may be delivered and operated in a public, private or hybrid cloud context.

With the exception of underlying physical equipment and network infrastructure, everything that is layered above this may be regarded as being a “Logical Resource”.

The aim of ArenaCore Logical Resource management is to support the creation of Logical Resource product definitions, and to enable them to be used in the creation of Logical solution designs.

The ArenaCore platform provides a powerful product definition capability in which composable digital products – both logical and physical – can be brought to life as design time objects for consumption either by yourself and/or other individuals and organisations on the platform (according to access control rules that are under your management).

This document describes how the ArenaCore Infrastructure Manager can be used to create and manage Logical solution designs.

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