ArenaCore is a solution design management and delivery platform that brings customers, providers and consultants together in a uniquely new and secure way. By supporting both Physical Design (compute/storage/network) and Logical Design (virtualisation/containerisation/conventional), ArenaCore can enable customers to design, manage, transfer and track workloads across multiple infrastructure categories.


  • plan, manage, track integrations within and across infrastructure domains
  • plan migrations between private and public cloud / bare metal / on-premise infrastructure environments
  • ability to assess security posture from a single source of truth
  • ability to identify stranded assets
  • support direct vendor / consultant participation & awareness
  • ability to track all historical changes for diagnosis / audit


ArenaCore is a catalog driven, extensible platform. This means that resellers (and also customers) can build and manage their own catalogs such that related product items are presented in the relevant context.

ArenaCore supports programming extension, particularly in the Logical Design area, such that specific management platforms (e.g. for virtualisation, containerisation, AI, storage, network) can be tightly supported and integrated.


ArenaCore does not attempt to “be all things to all people”. The role of resource activation and configuration management is always deferred by ArenaCore to tools that are specialised for the domain concerned. This could for example be an Ansible or Terraform instance, a proprietary management platform or any of the public cloud API endpoints.

Open Access

ArenaCore is available at no cost for personal, non-commercial use. We wish to welcome anyone who has a personal interest in learning about BSS/OSS tools, and also those who would like to go a step further in creating extensions for Logical Resource product elements across application, compute, storage and network use cases.