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Introduction to Integration Administration

Evan Linwood November 24, 2021

Before events can be relayed over the Kafka messaging bus it is necessary to define which classes of resources should be moved towards which external management platforms. This involves describing how resources sitting at various locations in the customer directory structure should be managed towards specific Kafka topic channels in a context that is governed by the ArenaCore access rights model.

A capability has been incorporated into the ArenaCore Directory Manager that makes this end to end definition process something that is user manageable through the ArenaCore Administration Application.

Three key steps are involved in this process:

  1. Creation of Domain Operations (these are Policy Item/Value sets describing Kafka Topic channels)
  2. Creation of Domain Roles (these are implementations of ACL Roles that can then used for assignment of rights within Management Domains)
  3. Creation of Management Domains (these are used to specifically assign access and association into the ArenaCore access security model).

All key elements of the ArenaCore Platform Integration architecture are illustrated in the diagram below:

ArenaCore Platform Integration Architecture

Please continue through this documentation set to discover additional detail regarding each of the above elements.