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Workflow / Human Task Management

Evan Linwood December 6, 2021

Solution Design is a critical business process domain that is closely linked to a number of key business process domains, including:

  • Ordering
  • Fulfillment/Activation
  • Change Management
  • Operations

Because changes to new or existing solution designs can trigger activity across all of the above domains, then surely it is important to place some type of management handling around how the solution design activity is performed also?

In the context of ArenaCore, all design changes are tracked and managed through a review and approval process that is linked inherently into the Management Page Versioning logic used within ArenaCore. Within this process, it is necessary for individuals having the correct Role responsibilities, to action each of the Submission and Approval steps that are involved.

In order to pro-actively drive and facilitate this, ArenaCore generates workflow tasks whenever a Management Page is submitted for review, and when the changes in the page design are subsequently Accepted or Rejected.

These tasks appear within the ‘ArenaCore Tasks’ area of each user’s workspace.

Tasks are further divided between ‘Available Tasks’ and ‘My Tasks’:

  • The ‘My Tasks’ lists contains those tasks that have been assigned directly to the user, and those tasks that have been assigned among a very small set of people who can action the task. This list would normally include ‘Review’ and ‘Approval’ type tasks.
  • The ‘Available Tasks’ list contains tasks that have been assigned on a ‘team’ basis. This list would normally contain implementation type tasks that can be grabbed and completed by multiple members of a working team.

Assignment of tasks across teams can be managed by the Implementation Manager during the Implementation workflow phase. (Implementation Approval is a workflow task in its own right).