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Remote Team Access

Evan Linwood December 6, 2021

The term “Remote Team Access” refers to the ability for team members to access solution designs from remote locations, and to play their various roles across successive solution design lifecycle stages in a manner that is sequenced with assistance from the workflow capabilities built into the ArenaCore platform.

Team members may be associated with the handling of infrastructure items from various perspectives including:

  • Solution Design
  • Solution Review/Approval
  • Infrastructure Fulfillment (Implementation)
  • Infrastructure Operations.

ArenaCore is a “Directory Enabled” platform, meaning that solution design / management pages are grouped for access control purposes into Access Groups, such that people can be granted rights that are appropriate in the context of each Access Group. When users are included into Access Groups, they are included on the basis that they perform specific nominated Roles within those groups.

These capabilities will be described further within Directory Management

Additionally to this, ArenaCore distinguishes between those ‘internal’ users who exist within the same root-level Organisation as the infrastructure solution designs that they work with, and ‘external’ users who may need to be given rights with respect to solution designs also. ‘External’ access is obviously more sensitive than that granted for ‘internal’ users, and so instead of it being possible to assign permissions for ‘external’ users within the Directory Manager module it is necessary instead to create a Professional Service consulting product and for the external user to be configured as providing that consulting service into the customer organisation within a relevant nominated Access Group security area.

In addition to the Access Control domain, remote team access is facilitated also by ArenaCore Workflow / Human Task capabilities, which in turn operate in conjunction with Management Page Versioning.

The final piece of the puzzle lies in the generation of Resource Order / Bill Of Material sheets, which are critical to assist external and internal supply teams to fulfill solution design extensions.