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Introduction to Product Catalog Management

Evan Linwood October 30, 2019

Please note – this document is only partially complete at this stage.

Product Catalogs may be created by:

  • Customer organisations for use only by themselves internally,
  • Provider organisations for use by their Customers, 
  • Vendor/Manufacturer organisations for use either by Providers in their Distribution Channels, or by their own Customers directly.

The Product Catalog definition process begins with the creation of Atomic Product Specifications, and potentially also Composite Product Specifications, which are composed using multiple Atomic Product Specifications. (The creation of these objects will be described in detail within additional documents that have not been created as yet).

The Product Catalog Manager is then used to populate these Product Specification items into one or more Product Catalogs.

ArenaCore also supports the management of Bundled Product Offerings, which enable any number of non-equipment Service Product Specifications, such as software licenses, service contract items etc to be associated with a single equipment type Product Specification.

This function is more of a commercial form of packaging than for Product Specification definitions, and depends on some Administration capabilities that are not currently being made available in the ArenaCore Administration application. This area will be revisited when relevant to do so.