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New Product Catalog Creation

Evan Linwood August 12, 2022

The ArenaCore Product Catalog Manager is accessed from within the ArenaCore Administration application, as per the following screenshot:

Once the Product Catalog Manager has been entered, the following screen will become visible. This may be used to create, query and access individual Product Catalogs:

In order to create a new Product Catalog, click the green ‘Create’ button. The following dialog will appear:

At this point it is possible to enter a name for the new product catalog, and to select whether the catalog will hold Physical or Logical type products. If ‘Physical’ is selected as catalog Type, it is also necessary to select whether the sub-type of the catalog is generally oriented towards Computer, Network , Storage, Disaggregated or Hype converged style products:

Once these selections have been made, the ‘Finish’ button may be clicked. This will result in the presentation of the Product Catalog editor screen, as follows:

From here it is possible to add, remove or modify products as is required (please refer to following pages for description of this).