Remote Design

Technology platforms and workplace practices are evolving faster than
ever before. The need for accurate, consistent and timely understanding
of solution design changes across all team members is critical.
It’s time for a new approach.

(Solution Design == Magic)

Technology products are evolving continually. In order to deliver any technology solution it is necessary to identify and associate all of the molecular components that together define the solution. Solution Design is where the magic happens in service creation.

ArenaCore enables catalog-driven, multi-vendor design on a common solution design canvas. Physical and Logical design catalogs and canvases are both supported.

ArenaCore Community

ArenaCore supports multi-vendor design across multiple technology types. Within ArenaCore as a single design platform it is possible to add support for new technologies as they continue to appear and evolve.

We would love to hear your insights into the best approaches for doing this within the technology domains that you are passionate about. Please consider joining the ArenaCore community, using the community Sign Up page!

Custom Design Elements

ArenaCore is a catalog driven platform that allows you to define your own resource/service element templates for use by yourself and/or other ArenaCore users. Create custom infrastructure item connection and containment rules, user interface panels and attribute definitions.

Bring your technology product alive in a design environment where it can be incorporated into solution designs containing other relevant products.

ArenaCore is available for early access

All core elements of ArenaCore have been in existence for some time now. Evolution is continuing across the full range of capabilities that ArenaCore offers, and towards a commercial release. Early access is offered to support awareness and feedback – we would love to have you on board! Please sign up for access at the ArenaCore Registration Page.

Remote Team Access

ArenaCore is a web based platform that supports secure creation and access to complex solution designs across your entire team. All design changes are tracked and managed, ensuring that important modifications never become an oversight.

When working on a remote basis, preventing key tasks from falling between the cracks requires detailed handling. Within ArenaCore, both internal and external team members can be included into critical workflow task steps at the appropriate time.

Support your product family

ArenaCore is a platform that supports rapid inclusion of additional hardware and logical / service product design templates.
Is it possible that your product family could benefit from design time availability within ArenaCore, such that ordering and fulfillment could also be driven from a common environment?
Or can your organisation offer professional services across design, implementation, support or servicing of physical and logical infrastructure? If you would like to discuss possibilities that the ArenaCore platform can enable for you, please contact us at

Automated Activation

As changes to solution designs are accepted and approved, ArenaCore can push notifications out to associated configuration management platforms such that real-world resources can be instantiated or configured.
ArenaCore leaves direct responsibility for resource management in the hands of tool suites that have been engineered to work reliably with what are very specific technologies.
ArenaCore supports an extensible mechanism to integrate additional technology management suites as they evolve in the future.

ArenaCore Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a history of participation in Business / Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) design, build, implementation and operations, across multiple sectors and verticals.

For further information, please contact us via