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>> Workload Design / Tracking>> Workload Migration / Repatriation>> Security Posture Management>> Physical Environment Design- mixed-vendor design- implementation management- lifecycle management- audit / traceability
>> Workload Design / Tracking>> Workload Migration / Repatriation>> Security Posture Management>> Physical Environment Design- virtualisation- containerisation- conventional- multi-cloud- catalog driven- storage / network
Private CloudPublic Cloud>> Workload Design / Tracking>> Workload Migration / Repatriation>> Security Posture Management>> Physical Environment Design- planning- tracking- audit / traceability
>> Workload Design / Tracking>> Workload Migration / Repatriation>> Security Posture Management>> Physical Environment Design- single source of truth- document management- audit / traceability

Core Capabilities

ArenaCore embodies concepts that enable you to access and implement a new paradigm in solution design thinking:


Design Collaboration

Solution Design Architects never work in a bubble and the work they do is critical. With the rise of DevOps, the Solution Design role is becoming increasingly shared across the team.  Ensure that all changes are vetted correctly, and that the whole team is involved.

Take control


Physical equipment products and appliances may have numerous options, layers and compatibility rules. Logical / Cloud / Software products may require numerous rule definitions and logic implementations. Define your own product definitions and catalogs and make them available to the appropriate users and customers.


Value Network

Modern infrastructure operations usually require participation from multiple internal and external actors with varying Role responsibilities. ArenaCore supports Directory enabled operation across all key entities, including with trusted external parties.


Operations Integration

The real work of operations is done by configuration management, monitoring and trouble ticketing platforms. ArenaCore supports an integration pattern and schema that enables tight integration to related operations support system platforms.


Unlimited Undos / Redos

It might sound unexpected, but ArenaCore allows you to see and traverse backwards and forwards through all design changes since inception within any of your solution designs. Full traceability can identify who made a change, helping you to find out why.


Document Management

Solution Design is an information-rich activity that usually requires collection and storage of related data and documents. ArenaCore allows you to keep related designs, documents and data together in a common repository.

Physical Design

Physical equipment resource structures within ArenaCore may be hierarchically complex and contain child resources such as drive bay assemblies, CPUs, memory, storage, riser, expansion and adaptor card items. Manufacturers and OEMs may define standard configured products for consumption and customisation by their customers, along with supporting compatible component list (CCL) catalog structures. Customers may mix and match equipment products from multiple OEMs and resellers within their solution designs in order to define and generate orders for ideally optimised solution structures.

Logical Design

The world of infrastructure resource management has expanded to include bare metal, virtualisation, containerisation, micro-services and lambda functions. These sub domains are additionally divided across the spheres of network, compute and storage and may be delivered and operated in a public, private or hybrid cloud context. ArenaCore Logical Resource management can support the creation of new types of Logical Resource product definitions, including for entirely bespoke architectures, and enable them to be published and used in the creation of logical solution designs.

ArenaCore Community

The ArenaCore Community exists to support users of all levels. If you are a beginning user we would love for you to join us. If you are interested to help build extensions into ArenaCore for support of new technologies, we would love to hear your insights into the best approaches for doing this within the domains that you are most interested in. Please join us using the Community Sign Up page!

ArenaCore platform access

The ArenaCore platform is available for early-release access. We would love to have you on board!
Please sign up for access at the ArenaCore Registration Page.

ArenaCore Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a long-running background in the design, build, implementation and operation of Business / Operations Support Systems (B/OSS).

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