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Resource Order Generation

Evan Linwood November 25, 2019

Before any order processing can occur, ArenaCore will have already been generating the structure of new Resource Order instances dynamically while users are designing / manipulating items within the Infrastructure Manager (of Management Page Versions in Planning state).

The point of actual Resource Order generation is driven as a sub-function of Approval lifecycle processing as described in the section on Management Page Versioning.

Please note: whilst Resource Order handling is supported from a business logic point of view, including within the ArenaCore Administration App, some additional work is required to re-enable the visibility of Resource Orders within the HTML5 Infrastructure Management page editor itself.

If a combination of items has been added to a Management Page from more than one supplier since the last Approval lifecycle point, then this will result in the appearance of multiple new (draft) Resource Orders.

Resource Orders are approved implicitly as a result of the Management Page Approval process, after which they become visible in the Resource Order Manager (within the ArenaCore Administration App) and can be examined in detail, potentially also by staff who do not have access to the Infrastructure Manager itself.

Please Note – It is intended to progress detailed handling further in terms of end to end workflow processing of Resource Orders, Resource Order Items and associated resource items as they each move through their relevant sub-states for design, order, fulfillment and installation etc.