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Expected access / pricing model

Evan Linwood August 12, 2020

Development of a pricing model for the ArenaCore platform is ongoing but some initial aspects are seen as being important.

In particular, it is recognised that the value of community interest and involvement is always going to be of critical importance.

Individual users will not therefore be required to pay license fees to use the platform for fundamental learning and localised product definition / integration extension development purposes.

Building and operating the ArenaCore platform is a resource intensive exercise and to provide an evolving and reliable platform it will be necessary to charge for use of the platform in an appropriate manner.

ArenaCore is a Software As A Service platform and so a Freemium pricing model is planned such that the above goals can be met.

It is expected that this model will work in harmony with the Open Source involvements that are planned, such that anyone wishing to develop open source integration adapters (for example) for ArenaCore would not be required to pay membership subscription fees in order to do so.

It is expected that a fee structure will be put in place for cases including where:

  • users wish to make their products and/ or services available to other individuals or organisations on the platform,
  • users wish to use the platform for operational management purposes.

At this stage, few functionality restrictions are in place based on user type. As the journey towards commercialisation proceeds, it will become necessary to add certain capability and capacity limitations (however in keeping with the general thinking already presented here).

These will be communicated to the community far enough in advance such that members can take any steps required to re-organise affected resources and therefore avoid (or minimise) impact.

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