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Evan Linwood August 12, 2020

The journey to develop ArenaCore was begun with a goal to improve the way that system solution design and associated lifecycle management tasks are performed. This journey is an ongoing one, and one that we would welcome you to become a part of!

The ArenaCore platform supports technology teams by enabling visual drag and drop based design and management of system solution architectures within the physical equipment, virtualisation & containerisation layers, encompassing technologies including storage, network, compute, message bus, API, micro-service and big data (etc).

The difference between a platform such as ArenaCore and the use of diagramming products such as MS Visio is that ArenaCore has deep knowledge of the products and structures used, and can orchestrate associated management operations across both team members and downstream configuration management, monitoring and trouble ticketing systems that are specific to a wide variety of implementation and technology types.

ArenaCore can help therefore by playing a bridging role that is normally managed in a more ad-hoc manner across a variety of possibly unconnected services and repositories. This is relevant particularly as technology teams work increasingly with each other on a remote basis as a routine thing.

ArenaCore can serve therefore as a unification layer across solution design and management activities – not just in the sense for example of hybrid cloud management, but in a broader sense that looks both up and down technology stacks, and across system, team, supplier & partner interactions.

In today’s world these are certainly very broad goals, and naturally we understand that there is no system that can do everything for everyone.

An important principle for ArenaCore is to define the scope of functions that ArenaCore aims to handle compared to those that it specifically hands off to other specialised products and platforms, and how it does this. This is explained further in Scope (boundary) of ArenaCore capabilities.

The flow through the following product and community related sections should hopefully help you to position what various topics mean with respect to ArenaCore, and also to guide you more directly towards any specific areas of interest:

The primary intention of this community is to engage in the highly interesting fields of study and work associated with ArenaCore as a new-generation Business Operations Support System (B/OSS).

Your membership in the community is appreciated no matter how much you are able to be involved. Even if you are only here to learn, that is a very worthwhile objective and hopefully you will derive some benefit from the materials available here.

Once again, welcome to the ArenaCore community! And please make sure also to have a look through the Opportunities for involvement section at the end of this document!