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Opportunities for involvement

Evan Linwood August 12, 2020

Engaging with the ArenaCore community can be of benefit for those who have an interest in solution design, infrastructure management, operations management, DevOps or Big Data (etc).

The ArenaCore team and community is working on some very challenging and interesting problems!


ArenaCore is intended to enable a totally new way of supporting how composable digital products can be defined, shared and utilised on a visual design canvas.

ArenaCore draws on knowledge and experience developed by others in the field of Business Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) – in particular knowledge that has been captured and structured by the TMForum. The TMForum is the pre-eminent standards body for B/OSS management platforms globally. ArenaCore seeks to package aspects of this knowledge in a very accessible format that can be extended and customised by end users who do not have a B/OSS background.

The ArenaCore community will play a key role in supporting how these capabilities are evolved and implemented.

Many of the world’s largest hyperscale infrastructure and service providers are increasingly aligning themselves with these same TMForum B/OSS models and principles (as are used within ArenaCore), not just at the technology management layer, but also in terms of multi-layered operations process management at the organisational layer.

Knowledge of B/OSS fundamentals would most likely be viewed quite positively within these organisations.

Whilst it is not the intention of this community to provide courseware as such, it should ultimately be possible to learn a good deal about B/OSS as a result of participation here.

Join existing community community Groups that are of interest

We have created an initial set of Groups within the community to support specific areas of ArenaCore functionality. If you are interested primarily in hardware implementation, please join the Physical Resource Management group. if you are interested in DevOps, Big Data, AI/ML, Networking, Storage, Virtualisation, Containerisation etc – please join the Logical Resource Management group.

More community Groups are planned!

As ArenaCore evolves, it is expected that additional groups will be added to support a variety of areas:

  • ArenaCore integration to external management system platforms
  • Security considerations
  • Groups relating to development of specific product ranges across various large, medium and small technology vendors
  • Groups relating to operational utilisation of ArenaCore including subjects such as on-boarding, network discovery, design/architecture best practice groups, etc

Open Source

As discussed in the subsection on Open Source, it is anticipated that the evolution of ArenaCore will result in a number of open source capabilities being published that should hopefully be of benefit to the open source community. This applies particularly in the area of management platform integration (in the context of the TMForum OpenAPIs). There will likely be a number of opportunities to participate and contribute in this area.


It is our hope that community members might provide feedback regarding any problems experienced while using the platform, or suggestions relating to improvements that you might of. We don’t expect ArenaCore users to do detailed product testing for us but nothing compares to honest feedback!

Project work

Over time it is expected that active and helpful community members will become known to us. We may be able to engage some community members to help with aspects of ArenaCore project work where this is possible. Please note that opportunities may be limited and may not be advertised. We are certainly interested however to get to know community members and their capabilities.


Hopefully the ArenaCore community will thrive and grow as a place where members can benefit from interactions across some or all of the areas described above.

We look forward to interacting with you as a community member and hopefully contributing to your development!

This is the end of the ‘Introduction’ document. If you are interested to explore ArenaCore in more depth, please continue to the document describing Physical Resource Management.