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Using ArenaCore

Evan Linwood August 17, 2020

This section will walk you through the flow of signing into ArenaCore as an existing registered user and up to the point of creating, editing and submitting an ArenaCore ‘Management Page’ (i.e. solution design) for review and approval.

Please note that it is not possible to access the ArenaCore platform just as yet, but availability is very close!

The ArenaCore platform will be available via browser access at

Please note that this login panel is presented by an Identity Management platform that ArenaCore is integrated with. It is planned that for access to the production ArenaCore environment, two-factor authentication will be enabled for all users given the potential sensitivity of information stored on the platform.

Once authentication has been accomplished the initial workspace is presented:

This screen may look unexpected at first. This is because in fact it is a document management environment that ArenaCore has been integrated into. ArenaCore ‘Management Pages’ are listed within the folder structure of this system, generally speaking alongside any other documents & spreadsheets etc that relate to the same area of design. (This mixing of ArenaCore pages and conventional documents will be seen again following the next few screenshots).

First it is necessary to create an ArenaCore Management Page. This is accomplished by clicking on the ‘ArenaCore Manager’ menu item in the left hand panel. Doing this will result in the following screen being presented:

From here it is possible to click the green ‘Create New Page’ button seen on this screen (or alternately it is possible to use the New/Create Management Page option from the primary left hand menu drop-down, seen in blue):

After entering the name of the new page, it is necessary to select an Organisation Unit for the page to belong to. This must have been created already in the Directory Manager area of the ArenaCore Administration Application, which is described further in Directory Management:

And finally the choice must be made between creating a Logical or Physical style page:

Once each of these steps have been completed, the Management Page editor will appear.

This screenshot shows the HTML5 version of the Management Page editor following some editing activity to include a standard 19 inch rack populated with a couple of storage array chassis items:

The page may then be saved and re-opened as many times as required, with access to the saved page being possible via the document system folder structure (as shown in the next screenshot), or via searches executed in the ‘ArenaCore Manager’ screen:

Please note the appearance of the ArenaCore Management Page as the yellow folder above, below what is an MS Word document. The folder structure seen here reflects the Organisation structure as it is managed in the ArenaCore Directory Manager.

Once the physical design has been completed, it is possible for the user to ‘Commit’ the design for review and approval by other users having the appropriate review/approve Access Role with respect to the organisation unit that the page belongs to.

Once the Commit action has been performed, the associated review/approval task will appear within the “ArenaCore Tasks” view of appropriate users (i.e. those who have been granted the appropriate workflow Roles):

It is expected that the end-to-end review / approval cycle may be beneficial for some environments, and a hindrance for others. It is anticipated that switching this capability on or off will become manageable probably as a configuration level item at both the Organisation Unit and Management Page level.


Please note that this page has not yet delved into the detail of using the Management Page editing environment (this is the subject of the Physical Resource Management and Logical Resource Management documents). Hopefully it has helped though to portray some of the the bigger picture aspects of ArenaCore page flow handling through the review and approve cycle (and the ArenaCore / Document Management relationship!)

Please to continue on to the Scope (boundary) of ArenaCore capabilities section.