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Scope (boundary) of ArenaCore capabilities

Evan Linwood August 12, 2020

Given that there are so many very capable products available in the open source domain for tasks such as configuration, monitoring and trouble ticket management, the question could be asked as to why isn’t ArenaCore be offered as a pre-packaged solution that does all of these things out of the box?

The answer is that within any given customer organisation there will often already be numerous different configuration, monitoring and trouble ticket management platforms in existence. Attempting to impose or favour choices in these areas could simply run contrary to the wishes of many users.

ArenaCore is a generalised platform that ideally should never interact directly itself with any actual resources being managed. As discussed there are a great variety of existing open source and proprietary products (that ArenaCore can be integrated with) which do a great job within each respective context. Naturally, Customers will usually want to make their own decisions in these areas.

The intention for ArenaCore therefore is that it be seen as a logical compliment to the many capable and sophisticated domain specific management products that are already available, and to enable them to be leveraged for even greater value.

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