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Evan Linwood June 25, 2021

The following information will help you to make further sense of using ArenaCore.

Please keep an eye out on this page especially for the italicised items in orange in order to be aware of things that might help to avoid unnecessary problems.

You should have already seen Using ArenaCore. This section describes how to access and start using the platform initially. The recommended initial starting point is to create a new Physical solution design.

Once you have created a new physical management page as per the instructions within Using ArenaCore, the following references will help you to move further forward:

Product Family Catalogs describes how “major” Physical product items (chassis level items) are highlighted and accessed, compared to component level items (CPUs, memory sticks, disk drives etc).

Currently it isn’t easy to spot the difference between Product Catalogs that contain Physical or Logical type items. This will need to change but to help avoid confusion for now this page lists the catalogs that are currently available and how they can be used (see notes contained further below within this page).

Note that only one catalog is currently available on the platform that demonstrates the Product Family capability. This is the “Hewlett Packard Company / HP ProLiant Series AMD” catalog.

Catalogs that contain Physical type items are grouped under the following Manufacturers:

CompanyCatalog NameDescription
ArenaCore Pty LtdStandard 19″ RackThis is where the Standard 19″ Rack is made available.
Cisco Systems IncCisco 1800/2600/6500 SeriesContains a variety of Cisco routing gear.
Cisco Systems IncCisco UCSContains example Cisco UCS equipment.
Hewlett Packard CompanyHP ProLiant DL Series AMDContains example HP ProLiant G5 equipment.
Note: This is a ‘Product Family‘ type catalog
Hewlett Packard CompanyHP Server Disk / Ethernet / Server MemoryAdditional HP ProLiant G5 related equipment.
Hyperscalers / QCTOpen Compute RackGoXContains example Open Compute RackGoX equipment.

See the Physical Resource Management document for more detailed coverage of this area.

Logical Resource Management

ArenaCore also supports management of Logical Resources as a separate domain to that of Physical Resource Management.

Use of the Logical solution design aspect of ArenaCore involves a few additional concepts areas:

Visual Object Behaviour- Free Grouped / Hierarchical

Visual Object Behaviour – Expanded / Collapsed State

Visual Link Management – Orthogonal vs Direct

and Custom vs Plain Logical Resource Types

Catalogs that contain Logical type items are grouped under the following Manufacturers:

CompanyCatalog NameDescription
AWSAWS EC2Initial versions of some example items within the EC2 family
AWSHierarchical LR TestContains some logical resource items supporting ‘Hierarchical’ visual positioning.
BRXBRX Usage ManagementContains an example collection of services / modules as could exist in a hypothetical custom engineered financial services application

Note that the ability to place one type of item within another is controlled via the Resource Role configuration of those items. Currently it is necessary to have some prior understanding of which items fit within others, or to use trial & error and observation of the dynamic green/red highlight indications during catalog drag and drop operations.

Some visual aid improvements are planned in this area. For now the easy way to understand which items will drop into which respective parent types is to look at some of the pre-existing solutions that have been built using these items.

See the Logical Resource Management document for more detailed coverage of this area.

Note that administration of Organisational directory structure, and creation of Product Catalogs are tasks that are performed through the ArenaCore Administration application. This is a thick client AIR application, which can be installed as per these instructions.