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Logical Link creation and movement

Evan Linwood July 2, 2021

Logical links may be created between logical resource products that have been defined originally as supporting a link or links of specific compatible types.

When a Logical resource item supports creation of a Logical Link, the following type of visual link creation prompt will appear when the mouse cursor is floated over the top of the item:

Note that in the above screenshot a circle with a small arrow pointing at it (from the left) appears when the cursor is hovered near the edge of the ‘Retail Trading Ingestion’ item. If the mouse is clicked and held over this symbol, and a mouse drag gesture is begun, a new logical link of type ‘Conn 1’ will be extended away from the logical item. If the mouse is dragged away and over another logical item that supports connection to items over ‘Conn 1’ type links, then the following display behaviour will be seen over the target logical item:

If the green connection square appears at the border of the target item, then this means that it is allowable to create a link between the source and target items. If no green indicator appears, then it is not possible (this will be due to either there being no compatibility between the two items, or there is a defined limit regarding how many connections of a specific type may be formed to the target item and this number has already been reached).

Logical Link Movement

In order to move a logical link, it is necessary first to select the entire link, simply by clicking on it. This will cause handles to appear at each end of the link, which may then be grabbed with the mouse and moved – either around the circumference of the existing target item, or away to another compatible target item.