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Network Module / Cable Management

Evan Linwood May 10, 2022
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Currently, ArenaCore supports placement of network interface modules into networking chassis & line card items. These modules are typically of standard form factors such as SFP, QSFP, GBIC, etc. Network Modules will usually in turn support Physical Ports supporting connection of cabling via compatible connectors.

In order to better support the usability of SFP/QSFP/GBIC modules / cables within ArenaCore, the following is proposed:

  • that it should be possible to indicate upon something like an SFP Slot Specification that “it can be drawn like a cable”, meaning that a single “mouse swipe” gesture can be used to drag from a source SFP slot to a target SFP slot, and ArenaCore will place a pre-integrated cable including SFP modules at each end.
  • that it should be possible to then move either of the source or target SFP modules while the cable is still attached. This would form a special case therefore within ArenaCore for movement with a cable still attached (ArenaCore would still enforce a no-movement policy for any other type of item with cable(s) still attached).
  • that it should be possible to remove a pre-integrated cable including SFP modules in a single operation (this would only apply for ‘hard-integrated’ (see definition below) cable/module products).