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Physical Viewpoint Management

Evan Linwood November 25, 2019

When a new Management Page is created in the Resource Manager, the workspace is opened initially in ‘Front’ facing mode. This means that any item dragged into the workspace will be seen its forward facing perspective.

In addition to ‘Front’ perspective, some items also have a ‘Rear’ and ‘Plan’ (i.e. internal) perspective. The viewpoints available for any specific item are dependent both on the definition of the product item and the context regarding it’s placement in the page.

Some items support both a Front and Rear visualisation, and will be seen therefore in both Front and Rear viewpoints – unless the item is mounted in a slot, in which case it will only be visible in either Front or Rear view (depending on the viewpoint of the Slot).

Some items are visible in both Front/Rear modes and also in Plan view – e.g. Drive Bays, Drives, Power Supplies etc.

Finally, some items are visible only in Plan mode – e.g. CPUs, Memory DIMMs, daughterboards / mezzanine cards etc.

More detailed discussion of how Front and Rear viewpoints work can be found under the Front & Rear Viewpoint Management topic.

More detailed discussion of how Plan viewpoints work can be found under the Plan Viewpoint Management topic.