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Resource Manager Access

Evan Linwood November 25, 2019

Access into the ArenaCore Resource Manager user interface is achieved (Please note – once this has been made available!) by visiting the following URL in your web browser:

This will result in the ArenaCore login prompt being presented:


Please enter your ArenaCore username and password into the relevant fields within this login dialog and click the ‘Login’ button.

It is important to understand that this login prompt is presented to you by the ArenaCore Single Sign On (SSO) system. Once you have authenticated at this login prompt, you will seamlessly then be granted access to the base ArenaCore platform, and also to the associated ArenaCore Document Management system.

Once you have authenticated successfully, you will next be presented with your ArenaCore workspace.

Within this workspace you will see the “ArenaCore Manager” item at the top of the list. Once you select this option you will be presented with options that allow you to create, search for and edit ArenaCore Management Pages:

Management Page creation actions within ArenaCore are synchronised automatically into the document platform, such that ArenaCore Management Pages appear to be documents within the document management platform.

ArenaCore Management Pages appear within the document management platform as documents alongside more generalised documents such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Clicking into an ArenaCore Management Page will result in that page being opened in another browser tab.

The philosophy behind this approach is that in the context of a solution design exercise, design documents of various types are usually created in conjunction with each other, sometimes even by multiple teams fulfilling various aspects of all of the associated work requirements. By supporting a common access environment such as this, the workload involved in creating, managing and subsequently finding these documents by everyone involved can be reduced.